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Automatic small parts warehouse (AKL)

The automatic small parts warehouse (AKL) at an affordable price

Planning, production, assembly and service of storage technology

In our automatic small parts warehouse (AKL), you can store various items in containers, boxes or trays in the LT shelving system in a space-saving and efficient manner. The modular system consists of storage and retrieval device, load handling device, racking system, conveyor technology, protective fence, PLC program and the warehouse management system. These components are 100% coordinated and even compatible across systems. It is also possible to connect your ERP system to our warehouse management system at any time.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Punctual and reliable delivery to your production and customers.
  • Up to 80% more storage space without new construction.
  • Massive reduction in access times between 30% and 80%.
  • Increase your productivity many times over and reduce your personnel costs.
  • Increase your process reliability enormously thanks to consistent transparency.
  • Transport routes and time-consuming search times in the warehouse are completely eliminated.
  • High availability thanks to an after-sales and service concept tailored to customer needs.
  • Return of investment (ROI) mostly after 1 to 3 years.
  • Improve your inventory accuracy many times over.
  • Working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


akl4 gruen
akl5 gruen
AKL 800.323 Front

Modular and scalable from small to large

The heart of your intralogistics

Ideal as:

  • production buffer
  • kitting solution
  • picking solution
AKL 800 12 LT

Our systems

All from a single source:

HS Regalbediengerät Iso

LT stacker crane

Up to 12 m height (others on request).


  • Up to 3 m/s² acceleration.
  • Up to 5 m/s speed.


  • Up to 3 m/s² acceleration.
  • Up to 3 m/s speed.

Other technical features:

  • Load handling equipment with a load capacity of 80 kg (others on request).
  • For 600×400 mm load carriers (others on request).
  • Various single or double depth load handling attachments (e.g. telescope, combination telescope).
  • Very low consumption.
  • Highest security standard
  • Double travel drive for very fast acceleration and driving dynamics.
  • Unique aluminum mast for light weight and very high dynamic load capacity.

HS Regalbediengerät LAM 1 Kombiteleskop

LT lifting device

  • Up to 1 m/s² acceleration.
  • Up to 1 m/s speed.

Different versions:

  • Single depth telescopic fork
  • Double depth telescopic fork
  • Combination telescope with strap

Other technical features:

  • High reliability and positioning accuracy
  • Optimization of the dimension and therefore low weight
  • Reduced deflection values
  • Easy maintenance
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Low noise during operation
  • Fully customizable to the needs of our customers

LT Foerdertechnik AKL Regal2

LT shelving system single deep

With the LT shelving system, you make optimal use of your space and create order in your warehouse. LT Fördertechnik manufactures this shelving system itself, so all trades are precisely coordinated. The shelving system can also be used by other RBG manufacturers.


LT shelving system double deep

With the LT shelving system, you make optimal use of your space and create order in your warehouse. LT Fördertechnik manufactures this shelving system itself, so all trades are precisely coordinated. The shelving system can also be used by other RBG manufacturers.


LT warehouse management system

The LT warehouse management system (LVS) manages the warehouse, keeps track of the inventory, optimizes the material flow, picks goods from the containers and controls manual and automatic goods movements.
The system can be adapted to the individual requirements of a wide variety of industries and to the needs of our customers, thus ensuring efficient control of logistical processes.

Functions of the transceiver

  • user management

    Management of user accounts and their access rights within the software

  • Order management

    Management of the various order types such as advice, production, manufacturing or sales orders.
    Compilation and processing of orders for the system.
    Creation of commissions and commission orders as well as processing of a picking.

  • Material management

    Global inventory levels per item and batch.
    Processing of incoming goods. Batch and serial number tracking.
    Posting and recording stock differences.
    Inventories (key dates and permanent).
    Information system for displaying the material data.

  • Item management

    Management of the article master and its warehouse-relevant
    Creation and deletion of article master data

  • Container management

    Definition and management of different container types and their dimensions
    The containers can be filled with different items.

  • Storage location management

    Organization provided storage space for using different containers
    Storage location and storage space management, also for multiple storage units.
    Lock and unlock seats and stocks.
    Information system for displaying warehouse data
    Visualization of storage locations

  • Notification system

    Registration of messages and faults
    Printing outage statistics

  • Reporting

    Access to predefined warehouse statistics and lists

  • History

    Logging of bookings and other software events
    Logging of stock movements

AKL 800 33 1


LT 800.33 fully faired

The LT AKL can also be fully clad as an option.


Automatic small parts warehouse for light and small products up to 80kg

Our automatic small parts warehouse is specially designed for light and small products up to 80kg. With the help of our storage and retrieval machines, the conveyed goods are always ready to hand and very quickly at their destination. Intelligently planned and optimally designed, our automatic small parts warehouse can also be easily integrated into existing halls. Short loading and unloading times, high capacity and a stable construction make a small parts warehouse a major factor in production reliability.

Again, from very small systems to very large systems, there are no limits for us.

LT Foerdertechnik Foerdertechnik RBG1

lifting drive medium

Eagle Zahnriemen (sehr geräuscharm)


Führung Lastaufnahmemittel

SKF Linearführung für höchste Präzision


Mast design

Anodized aluminum mast, foamed interior


load handling equipment

Up to 1 m/s² acceleration
Up to 1 m/s speed
Payload up to 80kg






Up to 3 m/s² acceleration
Up to 3 m/s speed



Up to 3 m/s² acceleration
Up to 5 m/s speed



Up to 3 m/s² acceleration
Up to 5 m/s speed