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Chain Conveyor

Modern chain conveyor systems from XPROMA systems

Move workpiece carriers quickly and safely with chain conveyor systems

Chain conveyors are used to transport larger and heavier piece goods. They are particularly suitable for the safe transport of workpiece carriers, since the drive is linear and constant without slip. The design of the chain conveyor system depends on the intended use, but always fulfills the UVV.

Chain conveyors can be supplemented by lifting devices and can therefore also be used for ejection. Due to the robust design, chain conveyors can also be used safely and reliably in rather critical environmental conditions. The maintenance intervals are significantly longer compared to classic roller conveyors.

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LT Foerdertechnik Referenzen 11


Chain Conveyor

The LT chain conveyor is suitable for transporting workpiece carriers, trays and other products. With various pneumatic and electric stoppers, index units and converters, there are almost no limits to this system.

Chain conveyors for workpiece carriers are required when the material to be conveyed can no longer be transported on roller conveyors due to its supports in the conveying direction. A container can easily be transported on a roller conveyor, since the entire container always rests on all rollers. In the case of workpiece carriers, transport via chain conveyor is necessary because the support on the rollers can be too small due to special openings on the workpiece carrier.

The LT chain conveyor can be specially adapted to your workpiece, just contact us!