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LT Fördertechnik smart intralogistics solutions

XPROMA systems

who we are

XPROMA systems GmbH from Leingarten, Baden-Württemberg, is an owner-managed family company and your partner in the field of intralogistics. LT supplies conveyor technology, automatic small parts warehouses and turnkey intralogistics systems throughout Europe according to customer requirements.​

We rely on our own development and production for our products in order to offer our customers the highest level of quality.

What you can rely on: Our team acts with responsibility, inventiveness, initiative, professional competence and even more so with personal commitment. Our strength lies in the professional cooperation with our customers and their consultants. Trust, motivation and a pleasant working atmosphere are for us a natural prerequisite for team-oriented services with high customer benefit. This is our basis for your quality standards.

Made in Germany

We proudly develop and produce our products in-house.

With values & vision

The XPROMA systems team works with honest values and a clear vision: the best for our customers.

Our Values & Vision


When it comes to responsibility, every company has to think outside the box. We take responsibility for how our products are manufactured and put into operation.

Innovation & inventiveness

Is something that we value very much in our employees. Because only those who think outside the box will come up with the best solution.

Initiative & personal commitment

Personal initiative is used to describe people’s behavior when they achieve more than is usual. At work, people with initiative achieve more than is normally expected of them. This is one of the most important guiding principles of our company.

professional competence

We have over 40 years of experience in automation, storage technology and conveyor technology and over 10 years of experience with driverless transport systems.

Team spirit & cooperation

Close-knit teams with a strong spirit are characterized by cohesion and a strong sense of togetherness. This is often based on mutual help and support, unconditional standing up for one another and the ability to always celebrate success together and sometimes even to celebrate it.

Appreciation and respect

Respect and recognition are the balm and oxygen of the soul, not only for individuals but also for teams. Our employees and teams experience that their achievements are not only recognized, but also appreciated.


Our partners

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Main suppliers

Our main suppliers include