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Contract logistics

Efficient storage and conveyor systems keep logistics service providers competitive


Smart intralogistics systems for logistics service providers.

Many companies outsource their logistics to save on warehousing, warehousing and vehicle fleet costs. Since the time pressure for deliveries is constantly increasing and customer expectations are also growing, many companies are looking for specialized logistics service providers and third-party logistics. As the client, you must also meet the constantly increasing requirements and expectations on the customer side.

For you as a service provider, the most important key factors to remain competitive are optimal warehouse management, high throughput and fast and efficient order processing. Flexibility also plays a crucial role, since many contracts only run for one to three years.


What we can do for you:

  • Automatisches Kleinteilelageras a picking and shipping solution to guarantee full flexibility and short delivery times for your customers
  • LT Lagerverwaltungssystem to map, manage and administer all processes in the warehouse.
  • Fully automate your incoming goods, the warehouse and your outgoing goods / shipping and thus ensure trouble-free processes in your warehouse.
  • Ergonomic, perfectly tailored to you Arbeits- und Kommissionierplätze for your warehouse
  • Fully automated Behälterfördertechnik for your internal transport (goods-to-man principle)
  • Automatic sorting solutions for shipping
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