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Conveyor System

Our conveyor system

For a smooth material flow

We are at your side as a full-service partner for your individual conveyor system in the area of piece goods with experience and know-how. From consulting and conception, through the manufacture and assembly of the conveyor systems, to the maintenance of the conveyor systems and comprehensive after-sales service, we are your competent partner for customer-specific solutions in the field of conveyor systems. Since we offer you all services from a single source, you no longer have to deal with complex coordination processes and costly agreements between different service providers.

Pneumatic conveying and conveyor system in use
Efficient transport of bulk materials using dense or thin phase conveying

Pneumatic conveying with a conveyor system and the modern pneumatic conveyor system are now indispensable for the transport of bulk materials. Time is money and many industrial plants often lose valuable time when loading and unloading vehicles, ships, aircraft or when transferring bulk materials within the production process and further processing. While initially only foodstuffs such as grain were conveyed with a pneumatic conveyor system, other branches of industry have now discovered the many advantages of pneumatic conveyor systems for themselves. The hygienic conveyor system technology has become indispensable in almost all sectors such as food, starch/protein, cosmetics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals and the plastics industry. As a conveyor system manufacturer, Endeco offers all services from A-Z in engineering, consulting, optimization, production and assembly of pneumatic conveyor systems and industrial systems using efficient pneumatics and high-quality drives and controls.

A pneumatic conveyor system with the right conveyor technology enables the flexible conveyance of a wide variety of bulk materials through the conveyor system and is used, for example, in the food industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as for economical solutions and building materials.

Pneumatic conveyor systems are particularly well suited for:

  • Smallest bulk material in dust form such as flour or cement
  • Larger particles such as granules or pellets
  • General cargo via pneumatic tube conveyor systems
  • Mixed material to be conveyed

The pneumatic conveying (bulk material conveying) with the conveying system takes place by means of positive or negative pressure and is specially tailored to your individual requirements. The product feed can be implemented using injectors, blow-through sluices, feed shoes or suction tanks, among other things. The bulk material is then blown through the pipeline with overpressure or sucked in with underpressure. With this cost-effective and reliable transport method, the conveyed material can cover very long horizontal and vertical distances before it is separated at the end of the conveyor system. This means that industrial systems are significantly more efficient and filling can be distributed over several halls or parts of the building without any problems.

Pneumatic conveyor system and conveyor systems from a single source – we develop the right pneumatic conveyor system for your product

We offer you a pneumatic conveyor system that is individually tailored to your needs. We have the right solution for every request and ensure that your pneumatic conveyor system can operate as efficiently as possible. We are at your side right from the start and will advise you in detail from the system planning to the construction of the conveyor system. Of course, we also support you with the optimization and always offer the right service to make your pneumatic conveyor system as economical as possible with the efficient conveyor system technology.

A distinction is made between these two types of pneumatic conveyor system:

  • Conveyor system with pressure conveying/systems: conveying air and conveyed material flow through the overpressure in the services into the separator, which separates the conveying air from the conveyed material.
  • Conveyor system with suction conveyor systems/systems: A vacuum pump creates a negative pressure, which sucks in the material to be conveyed and transports it to the separator.

Let our consultant advise you personally and without obligation on all aspects of efficient conveyor systems.

That’s why you should rely on pneumatic conveying and conveyor systems

Most granules, dust-like products and other bulk materials can only be transported really quickly and effectively with a pneumatic conveyor system. For example, if one were to continue to rely on conveyor belts for transport, there would be an enormous time delay, problems with efficient implementation for the production process, and losses due to dust being released into the ambient air.

A pneumatic conveyor system is the best solution, especially when time and the degree of purity of the products (product purity) play a role. It guarantees fast, clean and residue-free conveyance of bulk materials. If mixed conveyed material is transported, there is no mixing with particles of other grain sizes. In addition, there is no friction with the pneumatic conveyor system, which is why individual particles are not damaged during transport and the generation of static electricity is prevented. The space requirement is also very low with a pneumatic conveyor system and offers a lot of freedom in design.

All of our conveyor systems are oil-free and thus guarantee a highly pure process technology. Even during planning and development, we make sure that the latest safety standards for the purity of the compressed and conveying air are observed. These include: ISO 8573-1: 2010 Part 1 (Contaminants and purity classes), ISO 8573-2: 2007 Part 2 (Test methods for aerosol oil content) and ISO 8573-5: 2001 Part 5 (Test methods for oil vapor and organic solvent content).

What are mechanical conveyors?

In the mechanical conveyor system, the systems and devices of a mechanical nature required for transport are integrated between different stations of a system.

What conveyor technology is there?

Types of Conveyor Technique

  • Types of Conveyor Technique.
  • Type of material flow as a subdivision criterion. …
  • Control room as a subdivision criterion. …
  • Physical principle as a subdivision criterion. …
  • Operation as a subdivision criterion. …
  • Floor-bound discontinuous conveyors. …
  • Floor-free discontinuous conveyors.


What is conveyor system technology?

Conveyor system Technology is of central importance for the material flow in companies. … The term in brief: Conveyor system technology is a sub-discipline of mechanical engineering. It deals with the transport of general cargo and bulk goods and is part of intralogistics, i.e. internal company logistics.


How does a conveyor system work?

The goods to be transported are moved in the conveyor system by rotating conveyor rollers arranged one behind the other. The idlers in the conveyor system are driven with round belts, flat belts, toothed belts or chains. The transported goods in the conveyor system can also be moved by means of a slight inclination and gravity.