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Which is the right intralogistics solution for my industry?

Every industry has its own requirements and tasks. It doesn’t matter whether it’s industrial production, trade or service providers, whether mechanical and plant engineering or chemicals and pharmaceuticals. In industrial production, among other things, flexibility and short downtimes are required, in wholesale and retail trade continuous delivery capability and lightning-fast delivery. Robust and modular conveyor modules in mechanical and plant engineering.


XPROMA systems is happy to support you: Our intralogistics solutions are not only tailored to your industry, but also to your individual needs.

Handel 1

Trade & E-Commerce

So that you can master every challenge, deliver reliably even under time pressure, process returns quickly and absorb seasonal and trend-related order fluctuations.

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Logistik 1

Contract logistics

Many companies outsource their logistics to save on warehousing, warehousing and vehicle fleet costs. Meet your customers’ expectations and ensure maximum satisfaction.

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Fertigung 1

Mechanical and plant engineering

Whether conveyor systems such as carton and container conveyor technology, belt conveyors, chain conveyors, or automatic small parts storage as an intermediate buffer. LT Fördertechnik GmbH is your reliable partner on the way to more efficient productivity.

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Maschinenbau 1

Industrial manufacturing

Stay competitive by connecting logistics and production and thus be economical even with small batch sizes.

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Pharma 1

Chemistry & Pharma

Conveyor and storage technology for chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

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Other industries

Whether automotive, healthcare or consumer goods: we will find individual solutions for your company.

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From a single source

From planning to service

We offer tailor-made and modular conveyor technology for your material flow. If required, we can also take over the overall logistics planning, including installation and commissioning.