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Montage & Service

Installation and service, of course

Professional, fast and reliable installation of your new conveyor technology and/or storage technology

LT quality does not only mean first-class conveyor technology, storage technology or automatic systems. You can also rely on LT in the service area at all times, be it for commissioning and assembly on site, maintenance and inspection or for the delivery of spare parts.

LT has a permanent team of qualified service employees who will support you in all matters relating to your LT system and who will answer your questions quickly and unbureaucratically. Our goal is that your LT system runs reliably and safely, minimizes downtime and optimizes operational processes.



LT Life cycle service:

017 werkzeuge

Montage und Instandsetzung

  • Aufbau unserer Fördertechnik und Lagertechnik vor Ort
  • Demontage Ihrer alten Anlage bei Retrofit Anlagen
  • Schnelle und Effiziente Instandsetzung
019 kupplung

spare parts service

  • Individual spare parts packages
  • Spare parts management
  • order service
020 rolle

Preventive maintenance and inspection

  • Preventive maintenance and inspection
  • UVV safety inspection
  • machine guidelines etc.
021 tafel

training courses

  • maintenance training
  • operator training
  • IT training (LVS training)
018 hotline


  • control technology
  • Mechanic
015 config

Remote Service

  • Direct view of our controls from our service
  • Support for your employees via our remote service
  • Very fast response time