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Picking & workstations

Ergonomic workstations and picking locations within your warehouse

The ergonomically designed workplaces from XPROMA systems not only increase productivity and reduce the error rate, they also improve the health of the employee. Therefore, the workstations from XPROMA systems can be easily and quickly adapted to all the individual requirements of the employee. This includes e.g. the height adjustment as well as the optimal positioning of the container/conveyed goods, the tools and the material provision within the reach of the employee.

At XPROMA systems, special workshops are also possible at any time in order to provide our customers with the optimal, tailor-made workplace.

Arbeitsplatz BEARB

Your benefits at a glance

  • High degree of customization thanks to a large variety of products
  • joy at work
  • Much healthier and more efficient thanks to ergonomic work
  • ESD versions for your electronics
  • Can be retrofitted / expanded at any time

An ergonomic workplace fulfills its task if it can be adapted to the needs of the people working at it and at the same time facilitates or supports all work steps.

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