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Trade & E-Commerce

Premium delivery quality for your customers.


A punctual and reliable delivery for your customers through our system solutions.

The turnover in retail generated via the Internet is increasing and increasing and will continue to do so. The term Retail 4.0 clarifies the possibilities that digitization holds in store for brick-and-mortar shops in order to remain competitive.

Especially small order quantities with increasing order frequency, in addition to ever shorter delivery times and return volumes, pose great challenges for you as a trading company. Only with the latest hardware and software can you react flexibly to these increasing demands in retail, ensure replenishment and achieve the highest possible throughput.


What we can do for you:

  • Automatisches Kleinteilelager as a picking and shipping solution to guarantee full flexibility and short delivery times
  • Fully automated Behälterfördertechnik for your internal transport (goods-to-man principle)
  • Intercept seasonal and trend-related order fluctuations in online trading
  • LT Lagerverwaltungssystem to map, manage and administer all processes in the warehouse.
  • Fully automate your incoming goods, the warehouse and your outgoing goods / shipping and thus ensure trouble-free processes in your replenishment, external or central warehouse
  • Ergonomic, perfectly tailored to you Arbeits- und Kommissioniersplätze for your warehouse

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