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vertical conveyor

Vertical Conveyor

The LT vertical conveyor allows material to flow over several levels and is suitable for transporting containers, boxes and trays in a vertical direction. The jack is completely secured with a LT protective cover made of stainless steel, perforated sheet metal or Plexiglas.

Various structures, such as roller conveyors, can be used as load handling equipment. The free-standing steel scaffold shaft, with integrated sheet metal cladding, can be attached to the ceiling opening or to the wall. Since no separate machine room is required, the vertical conveyor can easily be integrated into existing buildings.


  • Up to 12m height (across floors)
  • Up to a maximum of 50kg
  • Different load handling devices (roller conveyors, chain conveyors, belt conveyors, etc.)
  • Adjustable speeds via frequency converter
  • Very easy to maintain due to good accessibility
LT Foerdertechnik Senkrechtfoerderer 2