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Warehouse management system

Warehouse management system

The warehouse management system (WMS) from XPROMA systems is responsible for the coordination and administration of the warehouse. It is responsible for stocks, it optimizes the material flow, it picks goods from the containers and controls manual and automatic goods movements.

The highly flexible system can be adapted to all the individual requirements of a wide variety of industries and the needs of our customers, thus ensuring efficient control of the logistical processes.

State-of-the-art technologies make the investment future-proof.

The system has a modular structure and can be put together individually.



LT Foerdertechnik Lagerverwaltungssystem 1

order management

  • Communication to a HOST system such as SAP, MS Dynamics 365, Infor, etc.
  • Management of inventory data for the HOST systems such as quantities, batches, serial numbers, etc.
  • Information management for commissions and outsourcing.

Container management

  • Management of the various transport units such as containers or tubs.
  • Subdivision for different articles within the transport units.
  • Qualification of storage locations according to height, width and weight.
  • Coordination of goods movements
  • Specification for the goods collection of quantity, type, etc.

Storage location management

  • Chaotic allocation of space
  • Creation of rearrangements in double-deep warehouses
  • Transports to different storage areas
  • Limitations on stock movements
  • Queuing for offloads

item management

  • Managements of quantities of materials
  • Batch management of a material group
  • Serial number management
  • Managing items that require serial numbers

User management

  • Database-based user management and access authorization
  • Active Directory based access authorization
  • Role-based access to functions in the WMS

Material management

  • Management of multiple materials in transport units such as containers, tubs, etc.
  • Management of multiple batches within a transport unit
  • Serial number management within a material unit.

Notification system

  • Collecting and archiving all alarm messages from the subordinate controls
  • Archiving of the WMS system messages


  • Display of the order statistics
  • Display of transport statistics
  • Graphic representation of the moving transport units
  • Graphic representation of the executed orders